Family Farm

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Welcome to Family Farm!
Grow your farm by planting and growing crops.
Firstly, you need to have an available plot to plant. Buy it with your money.
Then, open the shop to buy a seed and plant it on the plot.
Harvest the profit once the production time is finished.
You can sell a crop to plant another one.
You can also upgrade the crops to increase their productivity.
Enjoy the game and let's become a bonafide farmer!

Click the "shovel" button and choose a plot to buy it.
Click the "dollar sign" button to sell crops.
Click the "leaf" button to upgrade productivity.
Buy seeds and special items in the shop.
Click the crops once the production time is finished to collect golds.
Click the "gift" button to visit the lucky wheel where you can spin to win prizes.
Visit the game everyday to earn daily reward (an extra spin).

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